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  • Partner with a US-based Alibaba expert, for free
  • Ensure the best prices and most reliable sourcing partners
  • Manage your entire production process from sample to completion
  • Access our network of over 1000 trusted manufacturers
  • Book third-party inspections & track every step of an order online

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Speak with a sourcing expert

Let us get to know your business and its specific needs. 




Select a top tier manufacturer

We’ll help you find a trustworthy partner that’s right for your business. 



Protect your order

with onsite inspections, logistics tracking, and Alibaba’s Trade Assurance. 




Complete your order

Communicate directly with suppliers, track shipments, and manage your entire production process on



Additional services for your business

Integrated shipping partner

  • Your total price on Alibaba is typically 15% cheaper than when you source with other companies.
  • Know your pricing upfront by getting an integrated logistics quote directly on the platform.
  • You’ll have full visibility into order status and shipment tracking.

Risk-free transactions

  • All your orders on are covered by Alibaba's free Trade Assurance service.
  • This protects your business against delays, product discrepancies, and other production and logistics issues.

Third party product inspections

  • Send a third party inspection team to your manufacturer's facility to ensure product quality and on-time production.
  • This includes initial, mid, and final inspections, container checks and factory audits.

Buyer success stories

"Understanding who is responsible for customs is very unclear - and the Chinese companies take time to send proper documents. Having the BST team helped guide and clarify what I need to do throughout the entire process."

Nick Messer

Port City Relief

"I want payments done through you, inspections done through you, shipping from you. WE WANT TO USE YOU TO THE FULL EXTENT.”

Jorge Granados

SOL Depot 

“I would prefer to work with an Alibaba employee or service. Having a brand name and a company that holds its employees accountable instills another layer of trust.”

Daniel Kersten

Kody Daniel Enterprises

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